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Moonone is the concept of environmental protection for the concept of clothing brand, the integration of the design concept of the merger. I think environmental protection is not only reflected in the material environmental protection, but also reflected in the designer's ideas and ideas. Be good at discovering and making good use of old things, good at putting an idea on the contrary, this can be done from the root causes of environmental protection. If we blindly pursue innovation and constantly deny the idea before, in fact, a waste of ideas, can not grasp the most interesting part of each idea. Speaking of "Evergreen" concept, I think a complete design work is to design, science and life together, should focus on their own evergreen continuation, which is reflected in the designer and designer inheritance, Willing to introduce the styles experience to the young designers. And look forward to jump out of Hong Kong and the world of art creators to communicate with each other, learn from each other, and progress together to show the art of wearing wear-resistant art attitude.

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